Thursday, July 22, 2010

Literacy Event Statement

The Literacy Day Extravaganza is an event primarily focusing on developing literacy skills for children and carers and stems from a global concern of large populations of children missing the opportunity in reaching their full potential. Left to continue, society will continue to develop and persist in high crime figures and a lack of skilled employment.

Schools share a responsibility with families to educate our children, yet it is the family where the child grows and learns many skills the school cannot teach alone.

Through research it is now widely accepted that addressing literacy is most effective when informed parents and carers are involved in their child’s learning. The results affect the child’s academic performance (Fan & Chen, 2001) in both primary and secondary schools (Feinstein & Symons, 1999), leading to higher academic achievement, grater cognitive competence, greater problem-solving skills, greater school enjoyment, better school attendance and fewer behavioral problems at school (Melhuish, Sylvia, Sammons et al., 2001). Similar impacts have also been identified with regards to literacy practices, including:

· Early reading experiences with their parents prepare children for the benefits of formal literacy instruction. Indeed, parental involvement in their child’s reading has been found to be the most important determinant of language and emergent literacy.

Although parental involvement has the greatest effect in the early years, its importance to children’s educational and literacy outcomes continues into the teenage and even adult years.

Studies show that children whose parents are involved show greater social and emotional development. (Allen & Daly, 2002),

Such development includes more resilience to stress, greater life satisfaction, greater self-direction and self-control, greater mental health, more supportive relationships, greater social competence, more positive peer relations, more tolerance, more successful marriages, and less delinquent behaviors (Desforges & Abouchaar, 2003).

It is therefore important that parents and carers are aware of the significant contribution they can make to their children’s learning by providing a stimulating environment around language, reading and writing as well as supporting at home the school’s literacy agenda, both during the early years as well as the primary and secondary years of schooling.

The positive presence of literacy at this event focuses on expanding children’s experiences of learning with emphasis on enjoyment through storytelling as well as informing parents and carers in how they can improve their child’s prospects as well as their own through alternative programmes such as the A.R.R.O.W. Learning System to increase motivation and interest. The detailed and useful information presented at this event will address the love of reading for all ages and give ideas to families for activities at home and the community.

Given the impact that this Literacy Day for Families can make on our society, please carefully consider your contribution to this important event.

Time: 10am - 4pm
Date: 11th September 2010
Venue: Movie Town

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